I spent a few months trying to find the right company to provide me with website hosting.

It was fate when I came across Daniel`s website Stallion Hosting. Not only is his website super awesome, his packages and prices just put the cherry on top. Affordable!

My mother taught me to follow my heart with everything I do in life. My heart said yes to Stallion, I had to be certain so I called Daniel first. I needed to see for myself what type of person I will be doing business with.

It took a few minutes on the phone and quickly I could tell exactly the type of character Daniel is!

Humble, Genuine, Sincere!!! And my decision was made. Stallion Hosting it is! Superb customer service!

If you reading this, well, clearly you know what to do. Take this Stallion for a ride! Realise what Stallion really stands for!

Achmat Awaldien, Owner of Angellic

I've known Daniel for a number of years, he has always shown dedication to his internet work and his clients.

When he put the idea of a hosting service to me I agreed it was a good idea. I'm very pleased to see that it is bearing fruit, I have my travel blog hosted by Stallion Hosting, what impressed me more that anything else is Daniel's willingness to help a client with the set-up and the general customer care that is offered.

I can highly recommend Stallion hosting, their rates are reasonable and they offer a first class service.

Cynthia Taylor | travelinfoguide.co.za

I would just like to thank Stallion Hosting for their effective support and excellent service, I joined Stallion Hosting when I started my first website and I have not looked back ever since.

Thank you to Daniel and Stallion Hosting, I look forward to many more years of great service!

Melissa Thompson

My name is Trevor Rodney and I have been a client of Stallion Hosting for the past two years. The reason I joined Stallion Hosting was because their web hosting does not limit me like other South African Hosting companies. As soon as I joined I purchased the Mare package because I feel it gives the most value for money, and I have not looked back since.

This is really and truly a quality web hosting company and I am glad to be hosted by them. I have always had 100% top notch service right from the very first day.
I want to thank Stallion Hosting for their excellent service.

Trevor Rodney


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