We are in the process of moving/migrating our Linux Servers in the USA to their new home in SA.
From today onwards we will be offering our great International Hosting Prices That You Have Become Used to on ourBrand New Local Servers located in Johannesburg at Internet Solutions World Class Data Center:)

Benefits to all customers:

  1. Affordable, Reliablelocal SA website hosting
  2. Improved website response and load times
  3. Reliable local email delivery (the biggest problem with international hosting)
  4. Your Email will still work if you have run out of international cap on your ADSL :)
  5. Loads of physical memory 24gBytes - Our old servers only had 4 gBytes memory, This means we can now handle even more visitors to sites at any given time
  6. Stronger CPU's = More Processing Power - Old Servers were running Dual Core XEON's The New Servers All run Quad Core XEON's

During the migration Process you may or may not experience some downtime, we will try and keep this to the minimum with most of the moves taking placebetween 6pm and 6am to cause as little disruption as possible.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

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