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Stallion Hosting - Website Package

Stallion Hosting is offering a special website package which includes domain name registration, website hosting for a year and a 5 page website, all of this for the excellent price of only R 1 600.

This package is specifically designed to help local businesses reach a larger audience by having a website and gaining exposure through the internet.

6 Reasons Why You Need a Website:

-> Having a website helps you to build your brand, promotes business and your products worldwide.
-> Websites are a cheaper advertising option than most other marketing tools.
-> A website will give you a major advantage over your competitors, many of who most probably do not have a website.
-> Your website can make you money - even if your website just refers 2 clients to you a month it will be worth much more than R 1 600 in terms of revenue.
-> Your websites will be open 24/7, 365 days a year, always marketing and promoting your business.
-> With this package you will also get up to 25 email accounts, this means you can set up the email address or etc, which gives your business a professional image and also promotes your website.

Stallion Hosting Web Design Package

Details of this package are:

-> 5 Page Website
-> Free Domain Name
-> 500 MB Web Hosting Space
-> 5 GB Transfer/Bandwidth
-> 25 POP3 Email Addresses
Website content, images and logo needs to be supplied by the client

Take advantage of this fantastic offer and take your business to another level.

Simply Contact Us and we will gladly assist you.